• Dry Clean your garments often. Stains may become permanent as time passes. Dirt left in garments acts like sand paper on the threads causing excess wear. Dry cleaning keeps your garments fresh and clean, looking the way they were intended to look.

• Garment’s that specify washable can also be dry cleaned. Dry cleaning keeps your garments like new. There is less wear and tear on your garments if dry cleaned rather than washed.

• Red wine stains should be brought to your dry cleaner as soon as possible. However, if a home remedy is needed in a pinch blot stain with cold water or white wine.

• Resist the urge to try home remedies. Unless you know exactly what you are doing, you could irreparably damage a Dry Clean only garment.

• Be careful with deodorant/antiperspirant applications. Chemicals in the deodorant or antiperspirants often cause discoloration in garments. If you use antiperspirants when you finally do perspire the perspiration may be so strong or concentrated that it will permanently discolor your garment.

• Cleaning and preserving your bridal gown as soon as possible ensures that your gown remains in the best condition possible. Ideally, your dress should be cleaned and preserved within days of your wedding.

• Don’t let hair spray or perfume touch your garment. Alcohol can leave a faded, “raindrop” effect on many fabrics. If you must use hair spray after you have gotten dressed try draping a towel over your blouse before spraying.

• Never try to rub a stain out of silk. Even gently rubbing can cause breakage of silk fibers.

• Never store garments that are dirty. They can get insect damage that can cause holes and spots on your garments.
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